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Thread: Different Speeds of Ram?

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    Different Speeds of Ram?

    Is it alright to put in different speeds of ram into a laptop? My dell currently has Pc2100 and I unknowingly thought it was PC2700 so i bought another stick of Pc2700. My question is... is it safe to use it? Can there be any damage done to the laptop? Thanks!

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    i'd check with the crucial website as sometimes they list all the memory that will work - even adding the higher speed stuff that is wasted but will work. As far as i know you will just not be using the RAM to it's full potential die to the lower clock speed. I have run PC133 with PC100 ram running at 100mhz but thats all i have done as i don't have anythign that uses DDR as i have a flaming old PC!

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    Mix and match, it will just run at one of its fallback speeds in common with both sticks of ram.
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