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Thread: Carputer for my Police car...

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    Cool Carputer for my Police car...

    Hey Ė I was checking Jim's carputer Ė thatís friggin AWESOME! Now, he's using that super small motherboard Ė is there a certain reason other than the size? Why wouldnít you use the bottom part of a laptop instead? It seems that the mini ATX is a lot more expensive and the laptop would have a built in battery with automatic standby capabilities.

    Iím looking to make something for my police cruiser... I have free reign and can do any mods that I want, but Iím on a pretty tight budget. I have an HP laptop that I donít use anymore... I was thinking of using that. Or, I was thinking of the Mini ATX board like Jim has in his Mazda.

    What I would REALLY like to use is one of the new Mac Minis, however, the GPS software sucks for it, from what I hear, and that would be my primary use.

    Any suggestions would be awesome - and when I'm done, I'll post photos. My budget is about $800 - I already have a PC hard drive and the operating system. Size is a slight concern as I've got crap all over the trunk and have to put drug dealers in the back seat. I was thinking of one of those Zenarc 7" TS displays.

    If it works out well, maybe I'll butcher up the STi...

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    Does your lapotop have an external monitior connection?
    If your budget is $800 dollar then a xenarc would eat up half of that.

    mini-itx m1000-$160
    on boad sound
    on board video
    and everything else

    ram-$60 (depends obviosly)

    hard drive-u have

    gps - delorme $100 with software or gps mice on Ebay like $60

    power supply-opus 90watt-$160

    xenarc 7in touch screen-$380

    Everything With exeption to the RAM and gps sensor can be purchased on this site.

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    The computer can be pretty cheap, because you don't need a really fast one. check out some older school PC's because they are sold pretty cheap. the Xenarc (I have a 700TSV) is about $500 which is expensive, but from what i have read about lilliput's I didn't want to take a chance. an inverter can be something like $50 for one from vector. If you live in texas, I wouldn't mind helping you out in person, it never hurts to be a friend with a police officer

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    Considering that money is a factor here, I think my setup gets a pretty good bang for your buck. So here's what it is, how much it is, and where I got it.

    Mobo- Epia v- $87.99 - get it here.

    Ram- 512mb/ pc133- $67.50 - Get it here. It's not very good quality but it will get the job done.

    Hd- you have- but newegg has 80gigs for like $60

    ps- m1-atx- $74.99- Get it here.

    gps- BU-303 usb- about $50 on ebay

    monitor- 7" lilliput touchscreen- $280 - Get it here.

    Total = $560.48 (not including hd)

    Of course, I am leaving out shipping and certain other things, such as the case, but I'm just given you the basics. If anyone feels the need to make comments, go right ahead this is just what I did. O ya and I wasn't too sure about that mobo, but I got it and it works pretty good, I don't see too much of a difference between the the Epia V and the Epia M (besides the price ), so if someone wants to tell me why everyone uses the Epia M, please let me know.

    Alright, I am done rambling, hope I helped.
    Mobo= Epia V
    Ram= 640mb
    Ps= m1-atx
    Screen= Lilly 7" ts
    Hd= 40gig
    case= 1/10 scale model of my car (04 Saturn Ion QC)
    soundcard= soundblaster mp3+
    GPS= Holux gm-210

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    im sorry if this is off topic for this topic.
    but with your VIA EPIA-V can you add a cpu, or are you rescrited to the built in 1gh?


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    Try this instead of xenarc!

    I've tried this Innovatek 7" LCD touchscreen and it is OK for 16:9 display. It is wery sharp and could take even highest windows resolutions and still be readable I've tested it with my HP Omnibook XE3 with SVGA out and my fathers HP Omnibook 6100 with SVGA out. Both worked perfectly. Now this monitor is mounted in my father's Audi A8 and works from his notebook. I've put the HP minidock in the glove compartment of his car so he could use his laptop at work and also in car instantly. The monitor also has 2 (3 on current model as stated in the description on their webpage + stereo audio input for each AV input) AV inputs (selectable by remote controller or onscreen menu) so you can hook it up with rear view camera and some DVD HU or other video sources. It has an USB resistive touchscreen that works good, too. I recommend the setup consisting of the docked laptop and this particular screen model. It should fit in the $800 budget if you already have the laptop.

    I've ordered the monitor from the website listed above with no problems. The shippment from Canada to Europe by DHL took only 3 days and the shipping cost was less than $30. And, of course, the price of the monitor itself is sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popobecool
    Iím looking to make something for my police cruiser... I have free reign and can do any mods that I want, but Iím on a pretty tight budget.
    Wow, where in the states are you ? I take it not in the city ? Got to have pics of this...

    At least it will be a talking point for all those that you have arested...

    "You are under arest .. yarda yarda.. now what movie do you want to watch ?"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Popobecool
    Iím looking to make something for my police cruiser...
    If this is for "official" business, then you're probably better off using a ready-made carputer aimed at the police market which complies with all the emc regulations etc.

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    police! quick., close the screen and put down the volume

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    If i even see police behind me i mute the volume and turn off the screen.
    I dont even want to take the chance of explaining it is still safe!

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