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    Question Internet Question?

    How are you guys using the weather and traffic reports while your on the road do you have to get a sattelite ISP or does the computer upload while it's at your house via wireless network? Thanks for any help!

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    I havent figured out a slick way and a slick interface for traffic in my area but i enjoy the weather updates from Centrafuse. I use my cell phone as a modem using Cingulars GPRS
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    today i was reinstalling AIM on my carputer after i formated... and i say the weather bug thingie in the options to install... im thinking if i get the weather bug and since it updates right when you turn ur computer on or it picks up a signal i could use it to find out the forecast.... its just one of those things you have but dont use hahah

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    I kinda thought it was that type of situation but I wan't sure cause mobile internet isn't cheap but thats an awesome idea about the weather bug because of the automatic upload. Thanks guys

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