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Thread: The Ultimate In-car entertainment System

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    The Ultimate In-car entertainment System

    I was looking at

    Except I think I can make mine cheaper!


    1) Toshiba 2805-s603 laptop in the boot (with the battery removed and the power swich held down by a matchstick it powers on automatically when power is administered).

    2) XDC01 in car laptop power supply which is compatible with 1)

    3) 7 inch tft vga touchscreen

    I hope to put all the equipment in the boot of the car.

    I already own the laptop and the rest above add to 330 euros.

    Now for my questions.

    i) I assume All I need is a very simple cheap amplifier to connect the headphone sound out of the laptop. Can u recommend something small and cheap and available within the uk or ireland?

    ii) I assume the screen doesn’t need a regulated 12v supply- just the same power as goes to the radio?

    iii) have I got enough alternator power to drive all this equipment when the car is turned on?



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    i havent got it done yet!
    im in the planning stages only and need advice as to wheter this setup is viable


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    Quote Originally Posted by damo642
    ...the power swich held down by a matchstick...
    You may want to reconsider using matchsticks to build your project.

    Don't skimp on your amp, look at distortion ratings, then compare price. Check your manual or call the dealership to find the current output rating of your alternator, you will probably be fine unless you have a huge amp. If your headlights do not dim with the music at night, don't worry about it.

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