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Thread: My car pc's mysterious death

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    Unhappy My car pc's mysterious death

    I finished installing my mp3 box under the glovebox not a week ago, and today its dead. It worked fine yesterday morning but this today it wouldn't boot, so I pulled it out and tried it using another power supply. It still shows no signs of life. The cpu fan doesn't even spin up.

    My best guess at the cause of death is the two minutes I spent vacuuming the car after I parked it yesterday. It seems crazy, but nothing else changed.

    Fortunately (I guess) it's only an old p2, but I'm still ****ed off. If there were scorch marks or something obviously wrong with it I wouldn't mind so much.

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    sorry to hear about that :-(

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    man, I hate it when that happens.

    Before we declare that all is lost:
    1. replace the ram
    2. try to power up the BOARD ONLY--no USB, no drives. Keyboard, mouse, CPU, ram, and board.
    3. if the board powers up, try it with one device at a time. Hard drive, then hdd and optical, et cetera.
    4. If it fails at this point, try the device that caused the failure in another machine.

    Thats all I got
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    Yea, thats very odd. I would take the pc out, bench test it all one by one, i cant imagine it would just up and die. Go over it thoroughly.
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    So last night I had it down to just the motherboard and cpu and couldn't get a peep out of it, so I left it on my desk and went to sleep. Today I was getting ready to go buy a replacement and gave it one last chance. Lo and behold, it works like there was never anything wrong.

    If it does it again I'm fixing it with a hammer.

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    do you have a PSU designed for car use? or a normal 230/110v one? sometimes cheap PSU's do crazy stuff like that.

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    Or humidity maybe? Leaving it sometime inside the house could have dried it out a bit... dunno....

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    Humidity might've been it. Maybe I'll put some sort of vapour barrier inside the case for those foggy nights.

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    WTF?! Is there some kind of battery on the board that keeps time or system params? If so, try replacing that. Otherwise, who knows?!
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