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Thread: Need Help - Yukon Denali HU w/ OBD II and camera

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    Need Help - Yukon Denali HU w/ OBD II and camera

    I need some help with my Yukon Denali project. I just bought a 2005, and am looking at the following:

    1. Carputer running OBD II S/W (already have the S/W) have laptop, but wonder if there is a better solution or a small form factor PC that fits in my center console or similar?

    2. Interface to the HU. I have the stock GM Nav screen, which is OK, and I'll stick with. I need a VSI-GM2 Pac moduel or similar? Advice?

    3. Input advice - external mouse or can I rig the Nav unit's touch screen?

    4. Camera - I was looking for a FLIR, but cost gets out of control. Found a Cadillac camera on e-bay, but it is $1,495. I was looking for something a lot cheaper.

    5. Any other ideas???

    Thanks in advance,

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