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Thread: Tv(UK SKY) over a network

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    Tv(UK SKY) over a network

    Hi all

    Im planning a small server based gigabit network to supply audio and video to small client computers placed around my house and of course in my car. I have everything planned out, small server, large NAS unit, cut down mini-itx computers(most storage handled by the NAS) etc the only hurdle i have come across is that i want to hook my Sky satellite unit(DVB) into the server and then 'stream' it across to the other 2 or 3 computers on the network, so i can do away with the old co-ax and go completely cat 5e or maybe cat 6.
    Is their an easy and cheap way to stream the live Sky signal to the client computers, and then via s-video to any television attached? ie with a video capture card etc, i dont fancy buying a complete broadcast media server(cisco ip/tv etc)

    Any help appreciated, must be some IP and network gurus around!



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    get a tv card for your pc and then use to stream the tv across a lan.
    ive used this program to stream divx movies but i never tried a live input.


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    Make sure the card does encoding and decoding using Hardware based not software based. It will work smoother.

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    Thanks for the replies

    Looks like a video capture card and ip streaming software is the way forward! Anyone know what kind of quality i can expect from streaming mpeg2 compared to mpeg4? Considering worst case scenario will be s-video from sky set top box, into video capture card, then monkeyed around by the software then pumped down cat 5e or 6 over fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet into a small mini-itx p4 or celeron D setup and then back to s-video/scart and into tv!

    I can already feel the coax wires in my house becoming redundant!(little bits at a time anyway, aerial on roof already an ugly thing of the past)


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