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Thread: WMP10 won't play MP3's anymore

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    WMP10 won't play MP3's anymore

    I've been following this forum for many months but this is my first post. I have searched until i'm blue in the face but I can't find the answers i'm hoping exist.

    I am running XP Pro, SP1 with Frodo (great software) front end. Everything runs fine except if I have my GPS software also running in the background, occasionally (like every few seconds or so randomly) I get a 'click' type noise just hearable through the stereo. If I stop the GPS software then the noise goes away. I checked my CPU usage and it never gets over 60%. Now this is where my REAL problem starts. I thought (in my wisdom) that it may be a poor performing codec file and that changing the codec used for MP3 playback may help. I read a thread which suggested to remove all audio codecs (I know this was now a bad thing for me to do) and instal AC3filter codec as this was all that was needed. Well I uninstalled all (except the windows PCM converter as this couldn't be removed) and then installed the ac3filter. Everything appeared to work fine and I now have an AC3filter program in my control panel which has lots of nice options.

    Problem is that I don't believe it actually got registered as WMP can't find any codecs to play my MP3 files (and therefore Frodo can't either). I tried re-installing WMP10 but still no good. I tried removing WMP10 and going back to WMP9, still no good. I tried using WMP6.4 (mplayer.exe) and this plays them fine. I've tried installing the WMP codec pack from MS but still no good. Movies still play fine. Any thoughts of how I can get these codecs to register without a full install of XP.

    Thanks in advance.
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    AC3 is for 5.1 systems, .mp3 is a completely different codec. you can actually encode .AC3 files using something like Acid 4, but it's completely differnt than mp3. you'll need to find a mp3 codec and install it.

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    Thanks 'ATXaccord05'. I'll try do a search for what codecs to use
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    put the files in this archive in windows\system32
    then run the batch file in the archive
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