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Thread: MB Placement

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    MB Placement

    I'm going to be using a via m10000 and 30Gig hitachi tracel star both of which I want to mount in the trunk but the thing is I currently have 2 10" subs back there below is a picture of the layout that I have. I was just wondering if the vibration or magnets would cause any problems w/ the MB or HD thanks for your input.

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    you shouldn't

    those subs aren't going to hit any real serious numbers....

    and you are far enough away from the magnets to worry about that...

    I would definately consider shock mounting your drives though....

    are you keeping your stock amp? if not you can hide it behind the pannel back there and be a little safer....can even make a plexi piece to show some of it off, if that's what you are going after.....
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    this is my current setup. I am going to be using the stock amp for the fronts and rears. The trunk will be done in the format as above and I'll try something w/ the HD maybe mount it to the floor or fender near the case but off the wood. The DVD will be up front right under the tv and above the climate contorols. The computer case will be mounted the same as the amp with the plexi but this time I'm doing the mounting setup a lil different so you can't see the screws. I appoligize for the large pic.

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