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Thread: Splicing and terminating optical cables

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    Splicing and terminating optical cables

    Hey everyone,

    I'm hoping someone has experience in optical cables. I am using a clarion dvh920 which has a proprietary end on a normal optical cable. I am told all I need to do is switch the source end with a regular optical end and i can use it with any digital source. That's great, but how do I terminate the optical cable and where do I get the ends?



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    that is easy

    terminating cables are easy, it just depends on what you want to connect also depends on the fiber cable. The diameter of the core and cladding for most computer cables is like 125 um but I believe audio is a bit larger. It also depends on the shielding type and buffer type (tight or loose). How do you want to connect???? Hotmelt requires a special oven...anerobic requires a hyperdermic needle,epoxy,and acetane. Thread lock is reusable and unicam is easy. You also need to get a scribe for hotmelt, epoxy, and threadlock or a cleaver for the unicam. The tool for unicam is prohibitavly expensive (250 ish). For everything but threadlock, you also need a polishing puck, the proper type of polishing pad, polishing paper, and a good microscope (for checking the ends). It is really expensive to do it your self.

    Stereo fibre cables can be made of plastic instead of glass, and use a led scource instead of a laser. Gotta know about what you are connecting too.
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    or find an adapter that will go from one to the other.

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    is you can't find an adapter, you'll have to fusion splice the end connector. where you from? i might be able to help you out.

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    hmmm, fusion splicing. Sounds like a headache!

    I'm in vancouver, bc. I don't think I'll be able to make this one work, gonna run stereo analog for now.


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