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Thread: Where to mount screen in here?

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    Where to mount screen in here?

    Looks like I may be getting a 96 Grand Prix (sedan )... so I went and found an image of the dash...

    I'll probally end up getting the Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen as well... in the picture it doesn't look like I have many options for mounting it to look factory... even if I took out the stock radio i'd need to move the A/C controls too, then i'd have a huge hole. I could take out stock radio and AC vents... but I think i'd like to keep them.

    I was thinking more of some type of mount... something that would clamp/bolt to the top green plastic (right under the radar detector in the pic) and have that mount attached to the near top of the Lilliput, so it would hang down in front of that "space" in the dash and front vents? But if it was mounted like that, seems like it would make it really easy for someone to break in and just take the screen off the mount and walk away

    If that was your dash, and you were a first time carpuder guy, what would you do?

    Yes, I have already searched, but all Grand Prix's i've seen here are 97+, and they happened to totally redesign then... so dash isn't the same.

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    I have little dash room as well, and found several goosenecks that universally attach to the passenger car seat. You could then move it under the seat or at lease up under the dash when not in use. It's also great for general flexibility.

    I found this one in ten seconds on google

    Good Luck!

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    How was that for a quick reply?

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