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Thread: usb wifi with detachable ant?

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    usb wifi with detachable ant?

    since my system is installed in my glovebox there really isnt room for a pci card. I currently have a dlink 802.11b usb adapter. I would like to get somehing that has a bit better range and upgrade to g. Does anyone know of a usb wifi adapter that gets extreemely good range or has the ability to attach an external antenna?
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    Search for Linksys mods. There is one around on how to add a connector to a USB adapter. Its pretty simple from what I remember.
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    I originally had a PCI with an external antenna and it worked well
    Ive since migrated to a case which doesnt allow PCI cards so I moving to USB

    Im going to just put a USB wifi "stick" type device under the plastic of the front dash
    Ive read reviews on the IOGear GWU513 unit and it apparently has a good internal antenna and you cant beat the size

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    do the usb adapters come close to the ranges of pci cards with external antennas?
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    The better wifi devices, wether pci usb or rj-45, are adapters with pcmcia cards in them. Most of the integrated wlan chip devices are not as good. I have read that with the linksys wet11 ver1 bridge you can change out the card with higher power cards to increase the range. Definitly get some thing with an external antenna like the orinoco pci adapter.
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    i got a buffalo USB wifi and it lets me use a antenna with a MC connector on it, i have the antenna on the roof and the dongle buried in my dash. works great!

    If you want ill get the model.
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    next - wifi

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    ah orry what was the model?

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