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Thread: Uh oh! No room for wires!

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    Uh oh! No room for wires!

    Ok well I've began my car-puter install and I've run into a bit of a snag. I have my amp power wires running down the left side of the car and the speaker cables running down the left. My problem is that I still need to run a monitor and USB extension from the trunk to the front dash. In my side panels, I have little to no room left and I'd rather not risk forcing wires in and possibly splitting my side panels. Is there another (easy) way to run wires from the front to the back?

    Question 2: Does anyone have any sources for incredibly cheap usb and or vga cable?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Try running them up the rear pillar, above the roofliner, and down the front pillar.

    As for cheap cables, I just ordered a 15' VGA and a 15' USB cable from here:

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    I ran some of my cables usb and VGA under the carpet and padding down the center.

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    underneath the car. thats where mine are

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    Quote Originally Posted by qaz
    underneath the car. thats where mine are
    Better have some sort of sheath over them
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    Why don't you just buy the lilliput extension wire from store? I'm starting to wish I did that instead of running the 2 extension cables.

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    well.....eskalad most people cant do that, because they have the newer lilliputs which have the screw on piece, and a different number of pins. the one the store sells is for the older lilliputs.
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