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Thread: "Good" vibrations - how to a void them?

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    "Good" vibrations - how to a void them?

    Alright, setting up the carputer and wondering how I'm going to keep it from vibrating to death. Came up with a good idea, using the black foam tubing used to insulate copper pipe - basically cut them into lengths as long as the computer case, form a "raft" out of them, and use to line the base (and sides) of PC case. Was also thinking buble-wrap.

    Any other suggestions?


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    How about simply getting your rotors ground?

    I don't think anyone here has had a problem directly attributable to vibration. Even with hard drives. Though, it might lessen the lifespan of components.
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    That surprises me somewhat - maybe because of the city I live in. In Montreal (Quebec), once spring-time rolls around the city is a disaster area ridden with potholes. Its an ongoing problem, and though everyone complains about it (even the city mayor) nothing ever seems to be done, except a bad job of patching them up just in time for winter to cover them up anyways. Also, like you said PatO, shortening the lifespan of my gear. With the little effort it would take me to reduce the vibrations to the case, I still think its worth it. What did you mean by getting my rotors ground though ..?

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    here in LA Cali we live right next to a major construction site, main road verry bumpy, and i never have problems with the computer, it effects my body more...
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    WebDog, where is your PC installed though? I'm planning on mine being in the trunk, either mounted up against the back seats or in the spare tire wheel-well.

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