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Thread: what gauge wire to run from fuse block to trunk?

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    Question what gauge wire to run from fuse block to trunk?

    what gauge power wire would be suitable to use on a 150watt opus? i have a bunch of 11ga RF speaker wire left over from my previous car's system. if it isn't big enough, i'll just use it to power the lilli/usb hubs i'll have up front.

    what i'll have installed:
    M10000 mobo
    5.25" HDD
    laptop dvd-rom/cd burner
    ide->usb adapter for dvd/cd drive
    usb flexible keyboard
    ps/2 glidepoint
    earthmate GPS
    7" lilli touchscreen

    i do have some 4ga power wire, but i'd rather not have to cram it through the firewall, seeing that i can't connect it to the fuse block.

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    Yes, 11ga should be fine for 150 watts (actually more like 165 watts, since 150 is the max output, not draw, but that should be still ok). is a very good site for learning about car electronics, complete with many tables and calculators.

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    I assume you're a car audio enthusiast since you have Rockford branded speaker wire sitting around, so If you do plan on installing anything like amplifiers and processors for an audio system later, just go ahead and run the 4ga wire and hit a distribution block in the trunk.

    As far as fusing is concerned, get yourself a fuse holder at any audio shop/big box retailer and be sure to use a grommet when you put the wire through the firewall. Lowe's and Home Depot both have nice rubber grommets in their nuts and bolts pull out bin section.

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    i agree with the 4ga - especially if you want to run it longer distances...

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    no, do it right and buy some 10 ga power wire... damn speaker wire. Thats so ghetto looking.

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    Sod 10 gauge, 0 gauge all the way

    Future-proofing. It'll be a **** to do, but you won't have to redo it in the future if you decide to upgrade your system

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    Im sure by saying speaker wire looks ghetto that your simple brain has never done a good car audio install. And im guessing the speaker wire you have seen is gold/silver with clear plastic casing. If you ever decide to take your simple mind out of your home and to an audio shop you may learn something. SPEAKER WIRE CAN BE FOUND IN ANY COLOR YOU WANT IT TO BE. If MP3GTP has rockford fosgate speaker wire laying around then im sure it doesnt look ghetto in the least. OR do you know what rockford fosgate is?

    Sorry bout that folks but it had to be said.

    Anyway, i would agree with LEO. 0 gauge run through the firewall properly is the best way to do it. Only problem you might have is finding a distribution block that accepts 0 gauge and outputs something much smaller like 10 to 14.

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