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Thread: AUDIO AND VIDEO seperation on the m1000

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    AUDIO AND VIDEO seperation on the m1000

    I have a m1000 based carpc with 3 x 7" LCD screens, 1 VGA and 2 AV.
    The thing I would like to acomplish is use my VGA touch in front and have my 2 AV screens for the kids in the back....meaning that I may want to listen to music with the front speakers and my kids may want to watch television in the Back monitors using the rear speakers. All that without any PCI or USB video/audio cards..just the onboard ones.

    I was thinking of wiring the left line-out output to the front speakers...and the right line-out output to the rear. By this I could play DVDs using only the left channel for me for instance and force the TV tou use the right channel. This should work, but I know that this is not the BEST way. Could something similar work with the 5.1 audio support of the m1000? How can I enable 5.1 on the m1000 and how would that work?

    Video is far more difficult to achieve. It seems that the TVOUT of the m1000 is only "cloning" what the VGA output shows! With a tool like TVTool this would not be a problem, but m1000 has no NVIDIA chipset so TVTool might not work Is there any way to use VGA and Tv-out as 2 seperate desktop screens? Or a software like TVTOOL that works with the m1000 onboard VGA card?

    Thanx in advance!

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    So its not possible i guess? Anyone...

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    So was it possible ?
    The 2 different screens thing.
    And if so, how ?

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    it is possible. Here is what you do. Select the non-vga monitors to be non standard veiws using the tv out, then you can select it to send video's, such as music video's and dvd's and what not. That is what I did on my freinds home computer. I dont see why it wouldnt work like that on yur setup.
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