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Thread: VIA VS INTEL with Benchmarks

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    VIA VS INTEL with Benchmarks

    We carried out some bench marks on the VIA EDEN, C3 and Pentium III CPU's. I hope this proves that the Mhz doesn't mean your getting a better machine.

    Full report

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    Matches the other benchmarks I have seen. Intel does more work per cycle than VIA.

    Holy crap the products from that site are expensive.
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    That's what I was gonna say. Granted the intel CPU's may perform better, and while your guys' stuff is impressive, with a $2000 price tag for a basic system, most people will still be pretty content with what they're running now. Not trying to bash, just my .02
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    Fair call

    I understand where you guys are coming from. Anyone that builds these for themselves is never going to pay top price for a system. Would you pay $4500 for a laptop?

    I use to pull apart toshiba portege's and add touch screen overlays to them for $150 and build whole systems for under $500. The biggest problem is they took so long to build and it was so hard to get a constant supply of parts and trouble shooting a broken install was almost impossible.

    We offer a preium package with user inferface, warranty and support. We team with installers that can do the custom molding work so these systems can be used like it was OEM from the factory.

    Thanks for the intrest in the site. I don't expect any mp3car members would pay that for something they can build themselves.

    I am lucky enough to do this professionaly and am sharing some of the information I couldn't find when I was building my systems.
    Spent all my money on carputers now I have to work a real job.

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    Any Via Nemiah Benchmarks ?? Lots of poeple are using the 1 and 1.2GHZ systems which are supposed to be a little better. I'm not a big fan of system benchmarks however because no matter what peoeple say they are designed for specific systems.
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