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    Super Sound Quality

    Hi, I'm a newbie to this. I'm running a VIA M2 10000 setup. 2 amplifiers one for highs and mids...the other for subs. I'm using a Alphasonik EQ/crossover and the sound output from my computer is LINE-OUT. I "heard" that if i change the setting for the *yellow* rca jack behind the computer....sound quality would be ALOT better. IS THIS TRUE? I'm asking because I want to run to 7in. monitors in my headest and I was thinking of using that as video out ONLY IF there was not much sound difference. PLease Help!

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    That's true, you can get a SPDIF digital signal out of that jack. It definitely sounds MUCH better than the analog audio outputs. But you'll need an amp that can accept SPDIF or a DSP. And you can use the S-Video jack on the M-II to drive other monitors (although I'm having issues with getting DVD video out that jack and the VGA jack at the same time) so you can have great audio and extra video.

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