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Thread: Best Backup Cam

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    Best Backup Cam

    Can anyone tell me a good backup cam that gives them the true reverse image? Search the forums, and looks like people have issues with the webcams. I am looking for something that is good for night viewing, and would love it if you could zoom in and out. Plan on using this on my next install on my RV. Using Xenarc 700tsv so I do have the Composite jacks. So need to hear from those that actually are using something that works good.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a Savv VAC-5000. I don't have it installed permenantly yet but I've played with it a bit.

    Nice wide angle picture. 150 degrees horizontal.
    Color/BW Works well in low light levels.
    Heavy duty weatherproof case and shield.

    A little pricey, or were anyway. I got mine on ebay for about 100USD I believe.
    The picture can sometimes be a little noisy. Might just be interference though.

    There's some fisheye distortion but you can't really avoid that with a wide field of view.

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