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Thread: Conexant TV/AM/FM PCI Tuner Card with Remote

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    Angry Conexant TV/AM/FM PCI Tuner Card with Remote

    A dream come true slipped between my fingers!!!!

    I found a PCI card with a TV/AM/FM Tuner and I dorked out. I changed my ebay password and forgot to change it on my esnipe account.

    I can't find this card ANYWHERE! If anybody knows of another TV/FM/AM PCI tuner let me know. I WILL BUY IT!!!!! Rip me off, I dont care.

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    I've never seen one that does am. Even if you find one, Radiator doesnt support am. It will be tough to use in the car. If I were you I would either get a standard FM/TV tuner for $15. Or wait till the CRAM radio is finished because it is far superior to and pci tuner. Search these forums for "CRAM RADIO."
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