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Thread: Carputer interfering with keyless entry

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    Carputer interfering with keyless entry

    I've noticed with the addition of my new carputer that my keyless lock doesn't work. Anyone else experience this? I assume it's either the GPS antenna or the XM radio antenna. Not sure if there is any way to solve this.

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    what kind of car do u have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyB1979
    I've noticed with the addition of my new carputer that my keyless lock doesn't work. Anyone else experience this? I assume it's either the GPS antenna or the XM radio antenna. Not sure if there is any way to solve this.
    You probably screw up the installation (cutting wrong wires.....)
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    i have tested it and when i have my carputer hooked up, the range on my keyless is reduced. When i remote start, and try to unlock with keyless, i have to stand within 5ft of the vehicle. ~sucks wish i could figure it out

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    i had the same problem with my keyless entry. 2001 crown victoria. My range is reduced also. If I unplug the xenarc from the cig plug, the range is increased. I wired my screen to a relay and wired the relay to the key. This solved my problem with keyless entry.
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    i have an eclipse 2000 and i had the same problem. problem was i was using the power line (+12V) from the radio line ( probably the keyless entry cirquit was powered by this line??) when i changed my setup i used a separate line directly from the battery. After doing that keyless entry range is normal AND Xenarc is still on power save mode (which in my case means Xenarc is not decreasing keyless entry range)
    Try using a separate power line... if you are not doing so yet.. else i am not sure what it could be..
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    it could also be if you have anything running on an rf signal it could interfere with your remotes

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    I don't have remote start but my factory alarm has that issue. The problem is intermittent in my case howeber. Everything is normal when carputer is off (Lilliput is served of the PSU so it comes on or off with the carputer) but sometimes when it is on, I either have no respons from my key fob or if I do it is for a very limitted range. I am guessing RF interference is causing it but don't know how to sheild it.
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    Same issue here. My keyless entry works but the range was decreased to about 5 feet from the front of the vehicle. I'll disconnect the carputer to see what happens. At first I thought it was a low battery on the remote.
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