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Thread: Laptop HD vs. Reg one

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    Laptop HD vs. Reg one

    trying to decide which to use. are the main differences just going to be size and power difference? id prefer to use a normal ide hd so i can store more files, but i want to make sure that theres not a huge power difference between the two

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    laptop uses less power and is more shock resistant.

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    Physical size: The laptop is smaller
    Power consumption: laptop uses less
    Price for storage: the Desktop drive is way less expensive per Gig
    Durability: Some claim it matters and get the laptop drive. I have been using a desktop drive for more than 5 years without any trouble.

    Do a search on 2.5 3.5 hard drive or laptop vs desktop

    Lots of material, Any little bit of searching would have told you your answers.
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    ahh, i did a search on the word harddrive as one word and only a few things came up, i need to work on my searching ability

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    Try "hard drive" not "harddrive" Try the terms TruckinMp3 suggested.

    Both work. Some swear 3.5" drives aren't reliable enough. I have used both. The only issue I had was using the ITPS with the 3.5" drive. Doesn't always supply the full power the drive needs and results in freeze up.

    If you get a respectable power regulator like Opus or Carnetix, you won't have this problem. Given the low cost per gig of the 3.5", you could afford to buy 2 vs. a laptop. If you don't care whether your 3.5" ****s the bed and can easily reload the OS and software from a clone of the original drive, then that may sway your decision.

    Also, my 2.5" drive has fluid bearings to reduce noise. They work great all the way down to 15 degrees. After that, you gotta wait a couple of minutes for the system to warm up and then reboot to get it to work.
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