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Thread: [REVIEW] In-Bumper Rear-view camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSpy
    AFAIK all these cams have some sort of auto iris. I just don't think there's any you can find that won't be affected by the "bright light" problem.

    BTW shotgune, is your rear cam mounted inside your car or outside on your rear bumper? Not really sure what the point would be of having a rear cam inside the car...because then it's no different from the view you get from a mirrior.

    One of the reasons why I've been trying to find "the perfect" cam is because I have very dark (5%) tints on my car. When driving at night it's hard enough to see what's behind me with just my mirrors, let alone on a cam. Putting a cam inside the car and aiming at the rear glass would be pointless in my case.

    I'm not giving up yet on finding a decent cam though..
    It's mounted inside the car, but it's a much better view than i have.

    My car's *** is rather high and with the large rear pillars, the view is nothing.

    With the camera on the roof in the back, the view is like sitting in the backseat with your head on the rear deck. So it's much wider and higher up than you'd get with the mirror.

    Like so... (though in actuallity, the cam ended up going a little further towards the back glass)

    For instance, these cones are placed at the edges of the FOV of the camera.

    I thought about going outside and mounting it in one of those fake shark fin antennas, the view would be amazing then (I tried it by taping it to the roof), but it's a lot of work and I don't want to drill through the roof at this point. By having it on the inside roof instead of the bumper, I can almost see to my rear tires.

    There's more pics earlier in this thread

    Not sure if it's in this thread, but there's a 2.5mb video here

    If the rear tint was a problem, I'd imagine you could cut out a square in the tint if you wanted to have it inside. Though you might be surprised, some of these cameras are very sensitive, might work even through it.

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    ccd vs cmos

    is it worth it to get a ccd just to back up your car? cmos good enough even at night to back up your vehicle and not bump into anything?
    anyone know how to mount these to your trunk keyhole? any pics?

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    I guess as more and more cars are now comming out with reverse sensors and camera's this technology should get better and possibly smaller.

    I plan on placing mine where the key goes to open the trunk/boot so side will not be a problem as the key barrel diameter is just under an inch.
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    I just saw the setup in the new GMC Denali. The lens is about 3/8" diameter and somehow it is very bright while backing up in the dark. It was a fisheye lens. I know this isn't something you can order and hook up to your PC as they are probably expensive and interfce with the trucks computer system, but still, it seems to work very well at night.
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    I have a 2000 RR, how did you run the wires?

    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN View Post

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