Thinking about using my desktop PC instead of the laptop I have that I have been setting up to use... My plans for the desktop have been to upgrade to a shuttle over the summer and pass my current desktop on to my mom.

Using this desktop (micro atx mother board, athlon xp 2100, 1gb ram) would work great in the car and would resolve some issues. I would then be able to pass on the laptop to my mom (which she would love!)

What do you guys think? I would have to buy an Opus 150, but wouldnt mind doing that as it would save me some headaches with the on/off problems caused when using a laptop. I can also add a bigass antenna to the current PCI wireless-g card (which i had wanted to do with the laptop) among many other improvements the desktop offers.

I also have got the room for it. The original plan was to mount the laptop under the false floor in the back on an isolated plate of some sort. The micro atx motherboard and powersupply wouldnt take up much more room than the other way would.

Anything I am overlooking?