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Thread: before I start I need some advice

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    before I start I need some advice

    I have got a good start on my dash molded for my 7" Lilliput in my '99 Grand Am and all that jazz but I am questioning a lot of the logistics into creating this carputer and having it run with style.

    For starters my computer is an old HP 733mhz celeron. I would like to run 512 ram(pc133 of course), 120g Seagate 7200rpm, a dvd player and possible gps, tv tuner card, and engine diagnostics(whenever the time comes for all that). I realize with the M1ATX 90 watt could run a few things, but I have a bad feeling I would run out of power and get upset with buying the M1ATX.

    So my first question is about the power supply. I want one that will run my carputer as well have the startup/shut down procedures. Is it worth trying to buy the actual OPUS 150watt for 179.99 or versus the cheaper M1ATX. I am leaning very much towards the OPUS, but the M1ATX would serve good for now with just a dvd player and no other pci/usb ports being used, since my budget is getting tight. I was looking at the power requirement calculator on this site as well, and I noticed it didn't include any type of LCD that would be ran from the power supply. Since I want the power supply to run everything(including my Lilliput), it seems the M1ATX won't make it with all of this and I will need the OPUS.

    Second is the logistics of length and how will I be able to power/visual to my screen in the dash if my carputer is in the trunk. I will leave the dvd player in the trunk(I know, lame) but I don't want to mess around with mounting it up front and dealing with the wiring. The thing is, how can I get power/visual to my screen when the OPUS, mobo, and everything is in the trunk. I see mp3car sells the 9pin extension adapter, but it doesn't state how long it is. I would also assume this isn't just your regular adapter like used for a mouse(ps2) connection, since I have the USB wire coming out of the Lilliput as well for the touch screen. I am just really concerned with being able to reach my Lilliput from the trunk. Do you think I will need 2 of those 9pin adapter cables? I can get the power working with my OPUS and everything since I am familiar with wiring power, but I could use a suggestion on to what kind of wire to use for the project.

    Thanks a ton if you made it this far, I hope this will help me out a lot and I won't have to keep asking for help.


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    for the power for the lilli (someone confirm this) you can use any 12V+ power... like from the cig lighter.

    "Visual" you will need to get a VGA extension cable to get Video from your comp. to lilli

    and if you're running the wires for VGA already might as well run some for the DVD... they have IDE to USB adapters out there for cheap.

    I personally favor the Opus...

    Hope this helps
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    Don't run it from the Lilli egg. It has been covered many times and it introduces noise to the system. I can't confirm power wire length and I'm searching for that answer right now.
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    For the power supply I use the Keypower dc-dc 250W, i had the same power shortage concerns as you so I opted for this. I get power to the lilli straight from the Keypower. It is in the trunk so I just cut off the regulator egg (since power from the Keypower is regulated, if getting power from the cig lighter or some other 12v power source other than the PSU i would suggest to keep the egg) and soldered the length of wire I needed to get all the way to the trunk, if i remember correctly I used 18ga wire. For VGA i used a 25f t extension, a lot more than i needed but it was free
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