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Thread: CF, PCMCIA, SERIAL motherboard needed! HELP!

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    CF, PCMCIA, SERIAL motherboard needed! HELP!

    I need a motherboard, preferably with built-in memory & proc. It needs to support CF (which I'll be using as the HDD,) a serial port for GPS and PCMCIA for the EVDO wireless card.

    I've found the VIA EPIA MII10000 Mini-ITX Motherboard (which works fine,) but it still has unnecessary components and is a bit too large at 17x17 cm.

    Is there any solution available, guys? I've searched and searched and then searched for days more... all to no avail!

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    Try searching for an SBC rather than a motherboard (yes, it's a matter of symantics, but symantics is everything to Google.) I would imagine there's an SBC out there that fits the bill, though it's probably not going to be cheap.

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