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Thread: Long RCA or Line-Out?

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    Long RCA or Line-Out?

    I need to run sound cable from the dash to the trunk. I was wondering which would be a better scenario (in terms of noise sheilding\quality). I've got a SVEN4 which outputs 4 RCA in the dash and that will be converted to the line-out on my computer (trunk).

    Which is better:

    1) Do all of the conversion in the dash (RCA --> Line Out) and run a single wire to the trunk?

    2) Run the RCA to the trunk and then plug that into an adapter there?

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    I don't think it would make a difference in signal quality, that would depend on what cables you use.

    I would run the RCA to the trunk and put the adapter there. At least for my setup this was the simpler way. Plus, it is probably easier to find a well shielded RCA cable than a shielded adaptor.
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    true that.

    And if you are really interested in SQ splurge for some twisted pair monster cables or something fancy like that.

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