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Thread: Rear-View Camera

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    Rear-View Camera

    Hey guys i was just wondering if any1 had any opinions on what type of rear view camera should get to hook up to my Xenarc?? Also how would i hook it up so that the screen automatically turns to the rear camera when i go into reverse?? I know that the Xenarc has a second video but the camera has to be hooked into the gear box inorder to know how to switch videos. If any1 know how to go about doig this thanks. Oh i have a 2002 Mitsu Galant

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    You might find this thread helpful.

    I haven't installed my SAVV camera yet. I've tried it out, but for the most part, it's been sitting on my desk.

    Galant eh? I've got an 02 Chrysler Sebring Coupe which is basically, mechanically a Galant with a chrysler exterior and eclipse interior. I don't know if your backglass is as big as mine, I'm planning on mounting mine inside on the roof right by the rear window.

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    i use a 4 year old logitech webcam and damn i can c the people behind me in the car hella clearly

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    click my sig, it's a link to my worklog. I have the xenarc and a rear view camera that automatically turns on when I throw the car in reverse. It's VERY easy to do with a xenarc that has the 2nd av input.
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