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Thread: Installing a USB Hub up-front? Read this...

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    How are you powering your hubs??

    I've finding that my M1-ATX keeps turning itself off when I try and power more than 4 USB devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micco
    These USB Hubs from Belkin will auto-detect (as mentioned above) and not limit 2.0 devices when 1.1 devices are connected.

    I run 3 of these in my car. Belkin Tetrahubs. They have multiple Transaction translaters that allow for different speeds to be run on 1 hub.

    In the front I run a usb 2.0 dvd 2.0 bluetooth and usb 1.1 ir remote and 1.1 shuttle express.. no problems at all.

    These hubs are expensive (approx $30) but are very stable and can handle everything.
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    I just purchased two of the Belkin F5U231 TetraHubs last week and installed Atesyn SIL15C-12SADJ-V DC/DC converters in them. Originally installed an LM317 on the MB as there was a pad already there for one along with the two trim resistors. The regulator ran quite hot, output draw was about 1.5 amps. After switching to the Atesyn (5 volt output/15 amp) I am very pleased, although this does run a little warm. Have some pictures I could post probably.

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    Just wanted to verify that this is true. When I had my DVD drive hooked up to the hub alongside my TS and GPS, my movies would stutter like mad. Once I relocated everything such that my 2.0 devices were on my hub, problem solved.

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