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Thread: Check out this website

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    Check out this website

    I was doin some serching when I came across this website. I found that it had a lot of cool stuff and decent prices. So I figured I would share.

    I haven't oredered from them yet, so I don't know about their service.

    They have some interesting switches. (Mercury, rotary, magnetic, etc.)

    Please post anything you find that looks cool.
    Mobo= Epia V
    Ram= 640mb
    Ps= m1-atx
    Screen= Lilly 7" ts
    Hd= 40gig
    case= 1/10 scale model of my car (04 Saturn Ion QC)
    soundcard= soundblaster mp3+
    GPS= Holux gm-210

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    man thats one of those sites I could "browse" for a while... nice find man.

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