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Thread: The New XBOX 360 a new carputer

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    Its all going to be let out on MTV tonight! From what i hear anyway. So tune in about 9:00 central

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    I suspect the new XBox will be murderously difficult to mod. I wonder if anyone will put together a betting pool to see how long it takes before a succesful mod appears.
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    Interesting comments. I think the xbox is a much better console than the ps2, for my preferences, but I've not really looked beyond my narrow world view to consider the Japanese market. On paper, the xbox 360 looks like a better console than the new nintendo. However, I've also heard rumors that the xbox would not even have a hd (since they lost money on every box sold hoping to make it back on games only to have theiir systems modded and lose more money.) So, IMHO, the jury is still out on how it will suit me. I must say though that if I were choosing based on company reputation, I'd throw the xbox in a deep lake of fire!

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    MS brought a lot on board for this system

    all game will be HDTV all games will be 5.1
    and theres a lot of rpg etc. setup for it

    and the mtv reveal is smart. trust me lol is the link and check they jsut put upt he video!

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