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Thread: USB 2.0 issues PLEASE HELP!

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    I ended up reinstalling XP Sp1 and it all worked..

    I am using an opus 150 power supply
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    This may sound stupid but have you tried a different port. I have seen a couple of PC's (Dells mostly) that have both 1.0 and 2.0 ports. If you have ports on the back of the system integrated on the MB and front ports that run off of a connector on the MB, you may want to try all the ports. Probably is not that, but it won't hurt to try.
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    So you got it working but is it at 2.0. XP with SP1 didnt have support for USB 2.0, its was until SP2 came out that you get USB 2.0 support. You may have your connections working but I think there at 1.1. Try that USBinfo program, it will tell you for sure. I'd like to know because I might end up with that board if my last experiment fails.

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    Well, i am also haveing usb problems with this board. I don't have the 2.0 issue but do have a problem on items not working at all at random. I am running a 2.0 hub for a mouse and card reader in my center console. other ports on the board are the touch screen, microsoft gps, and remote control. the touch screens seems to work fine but has a few days it stops working, the remote and gps i have a hard time getting it to work at all. I will post if i find an answer.

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    Did the issue re-appear? I'm having the same issue. I reloaded SP2, updated the BIOS- checked the settings in the BIOS- nothing

    I'm about to just scrap the whole damn project! I've been fighting with the Touch Screen controller for two weeks- if it turns out to be the mobo I'll scream!

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    I'm a hardware guy, so keep in mind that I look at this from a hardware perspective. Cars are very noisy environments, by noisy i mean in terms of EMI. USB 2.0 is much faster than USB 1.1, so it could be that there is too much interference. As data rates increase, they become more sensitive to EMI. Are you using shielded cables and is your motherboard in an EMI shielded enclosure?

    Honestly, I'm guessing its a software issue, but this is just something to always pay attention to.

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