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Thread: VW Beetle MP3 hookup

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    VW Beetle MP3 hookup

    I am buying a 05 beetle and the manufacturer states there is an MP3 input built in. No one at the dealership seems to know anything about it. Does anyone here know? Also my last beetle had a kick *** system from JL in it and I installed a separate rca input and just plugged my ipod in there. I know the Monswoon system sucks but when I had a check engine light come on several dealerships told me they could not check it because the factory radio was not installed (load of crap) There is such a huge amount of people putting in aftermaket that there has to be a way around this. Also if I did remove this and put in something new does anyone know of a good dealer in the Chicago area. My last guy was just sloppy and things were always coming loose. Sorry for the long post but any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I've got an '01 Beetle with an aftermarket Sony Xplode in it.

    I installed it myself and it was pretty straightforward. I had to remove the Monsoon system but never got any kind of check engine light from doing it.

    It's got an aux input that I ran 1/8" plug to twin RCA jacks into the stereo. Before I had the carputer, I ran the iPod on it, no worries.

    In many cases, there is an adaptor cable you can buy that plugs into the car stereo harness and then adapts to your radio. Crutchfield sells them, I know. Also, the bezel around the radio is an aftermarket purchase because of the curved shape of the dash. Can't remember where I found it but a little Googling will probably do it for you.

    Also, check out for some forums that discuss different issues with the stereos.
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