This board has been a life saver to me the last few weeks. Thanks to all for the great input!!! I just replaced my non-PC setup in my car with an HP E-machine, and could not have done it without these boards.
I previously had my Treo 650 connected to an 8" non-touch screen in my car via an SD card slot cable connection to get live traffic reports (LA) as I dirve to Compton each day. But, I needed the SD slot, and an easier setup.

So after working these boards for a month, I installed an e-machine in my trunk. I also installed an 8" Lilliput touch screen in my car. I will post some pics later this week, but I currently can connect to the web on my Treo 650 via PDANet, and have GPS AND real time traffic maps on my screen at one time. I duplicate my Treo to the screen via Tapsmart's Handshare (also have PDAReach). It is GREAT! The touch screen acts as a mouse for Windows XP, and I use my treo keypad via a program called Pebbles for the keyboard. Really Trick! Although I shouldn't, I also read and handle my e-mails now on the way to work.

For traffic, I use a combination of and
I use for written individual freeway speeds, and for full size live traffic maps.

I use Requireless Web Viewer as my browser - works great! I have Webviewer, Xiino and Blazer, but Webviewer is the fastest and the best for utilizing a full screen mode.

More to come. Thanks!