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Thread: is this any different from the griffen knobs?

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    is this any different from the griffen knobs?

    thing looks the same to me, seems everything this company makes goes for a fortune on ebay.

    edit: i mean griffin
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    price for one of these in the UK is 300, where as the griffin is only about 50. Seems steep.

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    It might be made by the spaceball people. They make really high priced stuff.

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    omfg auction ended early with buy it now for $299 wtf??? is it made of platinum????

    Could have got it for $50 less here

    And that's STILL too much!

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    It's probably a six-degree motion controller (rotation and movement in the X, Y and Z axes) used in 3D modelling apps. The Powermate just does rotation in one axis.

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