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Thread: Embedded MP3?

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    Question Embedded MP3?

    I noticed that most people here have created mp3 boxes from standard PC components. Has anyone out there tried to use embedded microprocessors or microcontrollers (Motorolla / PIC / etc) to implement an MP3 box?

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    I am trying to do this with a single board 386 with the lp3 music.

    The major problem with using non-pc hardware is interfacing to a large storage medium. There have been some people who have interfaced an IDE harddrive to a microcontroler. That and the fact that you will have to use some sort of dedicated hardware decoding scheme for every thing to work.

    In general it is easyer to put together a player from standard parts and software than designing hardware and hand tuning assembly code.

    Like I said I am trying to implment a car player on minumal hardware with hardware decoding. I will be using on of the embedded linux distros for the os with the lp3 player/data manager and driver.

    I am not saying that this cannot be done but there is a large knowledge factor here. Use what you know and implement it.

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    I thought about creating an mp3 box with a low-end cpu also, but I was just thinking that using a full size computer seems to be overkill. I mean, mp3 decoding could be as simple algorithm as:

    access mp3 file (using microcontroller) -->
    decode mp3 file (using digital signal processor) -->
    digital-to-analog converter -->
    RF modulator or any output...

    The PC parts and accessories in combination accomplishes this well, but with the overhead of an multitasking OS (Windows, Linux).

    I guess you are right when it comes to the technical know-how...
    Any hacker out there who wants to try... let me know...


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    You don't need a multi-tasking OS. What's wrong with DOS? My player is built around an embedded PC mobo. Although it's still basically a PC, it's a very small PC with everything on the mobo, so no expansion cards.


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