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Thread: Recommend A Good MicroAtx mobo

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    I was just askin what you guys recommend to look for when deciding on one such as chipsets and onboard graphics...... I wasnt actually asking someone to search for me.... I know comps and i just wanted to see what others are using with a socket 478 since the majority use epia boards

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    well, I went P4 because I don't think a VIA board has much power. Others will say it has enough power for what they want. I just figure if I'm going to put a computer in my car, might as well make it a Pentium 4.

    Besides, I'm writing my own front end in and we all know how big of a resource hog is.

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    Go with the Asus A7V400-MX. Asus makes a solid board and this one has been extremely reliable for me.

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    I've been building computer for three years (and I'm 16 now). I can say I really trust Foxconn, Asus, and Abit Mobo's. I just finished a newer computer based on a Abit AS8-V. Its not a High-Performance Mobo, but I've overclocked the hell out of my chip, and my Mobo is great.

    I used Intel products, even though AMD now comes in 64 differnt flavors (which I have yet to test). I've only had one problem with Intel and the customer service is descent, and wasn't too hard to solve.

    As for car computers, Its been a while since I've looked at Micro-ATX boards, but I think Foxconn makes some inexpensive Micro-ATX boards...

    Here's some that should be descent, and inexpensive.
    (Good basic board, serves basic functions)
    (Another food Foxconn Board, has SATA ports for your HD, I find SATA much much faster than plain ATA, I use 2x80Gig SATA drives and they are fast as lighting.)
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