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Thread: Another motherboard question...

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    Another motherboard question...

    Let me preface this post with the following:

    1) I've searched for quite some time in the forums and on google
    2) I have some experience with computer building, although not for cars
    3) I'm not planning to do any gaming, and I doubt any video

    Has anyone looked into these motherboards for a car pc application? Any positives or negatives or otherwise any reason not to consider these? Can I expect decent sound from the onboard sound? I'm not an audiophile but the onboard sound for my desktops pcs is acceptable.

    Biostar M7VIG 400-COMBO5 (w/ AMD Duron 899 Mobile processor)

    PCChips M789CG V 3.0 (w/ Via C3 2000+ Processor)

    MSI K7N2GM-V


    I thought I had it all figured out until I found this forum. Now I realize there isn't much I do know.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are couple things to keep in mine.
    Are you planning on add on card? (not really needed since most mATX mobo already has all in 1 feature.)
    How many serial device you are going to use? OBDII, IR sensor, Relay card ( I need 2 ports. USB->Serial sometime don't work)
    Capable of "Resume on power failure". A nice feature to automatically start the PC when you feed power to the PSU (If the PSU doesn't have the automatically "push" the power button for you. Opus PSU do this).

    The 2 MSI is okay, but I would suggest you take a look at the BIOSTAR M7NCG 400 as it has some function in the BIOS that work nicely with AMD Mobile CPU. I have Asus A7N8X-VM/400. A nice board but PITA for AMD Mobile CPU.

    BTW there are several threads regarding to "good microATX mobo" in this forum. So look up those thread as well.
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    Motherboard brand is right up there with religion and politics.

    Personally, I'm going with an ASUS board. However, I think the bigger question is the power supply, not the board. Of course you want to make sure the board has everything you need, but the power you put to it will make or break the board. OPUS power supplies are often considered a very solid supply here and includes a shut down controller.

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    I'm not asking which brand of board to buy. I'm not brand loyal when it comes to motherboards. I have boards from Epox, Foxconn, Abit and PcChips. I was asking specifically about the four posted. Is the Biostar with an integrated Mobile Duron 800 an acceptable choice for a car pc? My understanding is that the mobile versions draw less power, correct?

    I don't want to incite a flame riot regarding who thinks what board is best and why.

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