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Thread: First install of car pc working :)

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    Thumbs up First install of car pc working :)


    I got my car pc working in the car for the first time today - i wouldn't say that i installed it yet though

    Opus 150
    Standard HP Vectra Desktop PC
    - PIII 500mhz
    - 192MB Ram
    - IDE 3.5" 5400rpm 8GB HD
    - SB Audigy II
    - Windows XP
    - FrodoPlayer
    - Lilliput 7" TS (Powered off 12v rail from opus)

    It was my first time seeing the opus in action, powering up and hibernating the computer with the car key! Very cool! The original psu that was in the pc was a 90W supply. Is it ok to power the lilliput from the opus like that? If the original psu was 90W and now, it has a 150W supply, i'm hoping it will work out. Next thing is to make the auto-on mod to the lilliput!

    I just ran the pc on the passenger seat beside me. I went over some bumpy roads and stuff and there were no skips or crashes, etc so hopefully, that's a good sign! The 500mhz pc had no problem running xp and frodo. The only thing that is not ideal is that the bios of the computer takes up most of the boot time. I've searched the bios but these doesn't seem to be a skip tests/quick boot option. Still for a pc that's been sitting idle for 2 years and has found a great new use, i can't complain!! :-)

    Here's a link to some pics of my dash and what where stuff should go!
    Starting out with 03 Laguna II

    My stereo does not have AUX in so i'm going to get rid of my head unit and use my pc connected to an amp to run the door speakers. I'm going to connect a sub also so i'll have 4.1 in the car

    Has anybody used the 12V output from the opus to connect to the Remote connection of an amplifier? If that's ok to do it would be ideal for me!

    Renault Laguna II 1.8
    Carputer Install Progress: [|---------] 10%
    Received Lilliput 7" Touchscreen and replacement parts for parts of dash i'm likely to cut!

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    I wired my amp to ignition live so save trouble cos i recon the opus gets seriously overloaded anyway powering pc and everything else

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    i too am using a hp vectra (although its the small form factor version) currectly it has a seagate 15 gig hd, 256mb ram, a 733mhz cpu (but i have a 1 ghz on the way) did you have any problems with connecting the opus? i am trying to decide between the opus 150 and the m2-atx 160w psu's. cool to see another vectra user. congrats on the success so far.
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