Hey guys, I got my CarPC running last week. http://www.sgtattoo.com/temp/toronado/ if you want to check it out.

Anyway, I have an external USB dvd+rw that I wanna hook up, but I've run into a bit of a snag...

The power adapter plugs into my drive with a 5-pin mini-din connector! Ugh... i know i know I should have gotten a USB-powered drive, but in my ignorance I thought snipping/splicing some wires would fix that.

The AC adapter puts out 12v 1.5 amps and 5v 1.5 amps. I cut the mini-din off, and wired it to a molex plug. But for some damn reason it wont get power when my system does?! What gives?
For refence, here is how the pins are laid out on a sticker thats on the AC adapter....

2 pins are +5v
1 pin is +12v
2 pins are ground

But to my suprise, when I cut the mini din off, it only has 4 wires! Why are there 4 wires for 5 pins?? Wtf! There is a yellow insulated (+12v), white insulated (+5v), a black insulated (ground?) and uninsulated wire (ground?) I checked their voltages with a multimeter.

So if anyone has any ideas why there are only 4 wires for 5 pins, or why I cant get power through this damn thing, let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

Btw, the drive still works fine when plugged into the AC adapter inside the apartment