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Thread: XM and TV input to CarPC

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    XM and TV input to CarPC

    I have many years of car audio experience, but much less computer experience (and none of it very recent), and I need some help. I have a functioning car pc, using a VIA EPIA-M motherboard, 60 gig HD, etc. I'm running FrodoPlayer and Frodo's Alpha 3 XM player (Terk XM direct via USB, soon to be serial).

    Here's my XM takes up the 'line in' jack on the board. To get sound from the TV / FM, I need another 'line in' type jack. Using the Mic jack would be a bad idea, and I'm guessing that the CD drive is hooked to the CD audio in connector (will verify). I did a search, and I saw mentions of additional CD audio connectors, but the specs on my board only mention 1.

    I can personally live without FM or TV 99% of the time, but if there is a relatively easy way of making this work, I'd like to try.

    My hope is to start packaging a Car PC option for my higher end customers (I have a vehicle customizing shop), and I'm sure some of them will want FM, XM, and TV. I'm also trying to make this as simple to use as possible, as I will be trying to sell this in place of a purpose designed head unit, so having two different line in cords, and just switching them isn't going to fly.

    One thought I had is a simple relay to switch signals coming in. I could trigger this with a simple switch, but that's just one more thing to have to explain to a customer. Is there a software / hardware switch I could use? I'm using a griffin powermate with some custom macros to switch sources now, so I could program a macro to flip the relay when the TV or FM is activated.

    Thanks for hearing me out, and in advance for any help.


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    Is a "Y" connector out the question? I guess if both devices are on, you'd get both audio inputs. Maybe use the relay idea you had but trigger the relay from the power of the TV when it is turned on?
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