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It's available on the new Lexus GS430 here in the states.

As for the Megane. How do you like it. Which version of the, I think it is like 100 versions, do you have. The interior is nice, but, that trunk/boot, that just got to me when I first saw it, and unfortunately, not in a good way.


It's a pretty nice car, I've had some trouble with the front suspention.The materials inside are not of a very good quality. The trunk is HUUUUGE (it's a sedan), and comes in handy when we go out of town.
There are many versions, because Renault lets you choose any optionals you want if needed. Mine has all the options besides navigation, as in Xenon lights, leather, climate control, and other things. It's a 1.9 Diesel, and has 6 speeds. Its average consumption at 170km/h is around 6.5l/100km, which is more than great.
Overall, it's a nice family car, and that's what it's used for, but there are many nicer ones out there.