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Thread: PCI card suggestions?

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    PCI card suggestions?

    i think I'm going to ditchmy PCI radio/tv tuner.

    Any suggestions for what to put in its place? I've already got wi-fi and bluetooth setup.

    Should I go with a PCI video card to drive my Xenarc rather than the built in VGA?

    Maybe a contact closure board to use switches and relays to control other fun stuff in the car? I have been thinking about installing motors in the sideview mirrors so I can pull them in with a flick of the switch.



    PS - Info about the rig coming as soon as I get the monitor mounted correctly...

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    what contact closure board do you have in mind..i never heard of them before, they sound interesting.

    I wouldnt go for a pci video card unless you wanted to run at 800x480 (however certain via boards are able to run them also).
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    the onboard video should be fine for what we use these things for. how about a high end audio card or a wifi card?
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    Do you have a PCI sound card? If you have any audio issues using onboard sound, I'd definitely think of buying a good quality PCI sound card - cleared up a ton of audio related issues for me.

    edit: beat to it by scott_fx... curse you, and your little 'vette too!

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