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Thread: PC to Amp ?

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    Post PC to Amp ?

    I was wondering how you have to hook your pc to the amp if you dont want run a head unit ?

    I don't suppose I can go from line-out on the pc to the amp directly ?

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    I use a DEI 4500 Equalizer between the pc and my amps ? This versatile half-DIN sized signal processor combines flexible parametric equalization with a user adjustable low-pass crossover. The model 4500 features four filter bands. each having adjustable center frequencies and gain controls. The low pass 12 dB/octave slope crossover allows accurate control of the dedicated subwoofer output. The half-DIN sized processor also incorporates two inputs so adding another audio source is as simple as plugging in an RCA cable. An added remote output and low-voltage trigger makes the 4500 ideal in turning on a multi amp system. The 30 volt MOSFET powered front end eliminates preamp clipping with 20 dB of headroom and provides a healthy 10 volts RMS output for a noise free signal to your amplifiers.

    Four band parametric equalizer with 18 dB boost/cut
    Active gain preamplifier with adjustable input sensitivity
    Adjustable built-in 12 dB/octave subwoofer crossover with dedicated output
    Input selector allows use of two input signal sources
    Specific bandwidth for each band with high frequency shelving
    Master volume control with 10 volts RMS output
    30V MOSFET switching power supply
    20 dB headroom eliminates signal clipping
    Low-noise BI-FET op-amps for minimum distortion
    Higher grade potentiometers and input select switches

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    Nicely said my friend!

    An excellent choice. The only down side being that this is a stereo EQ and not a 4.1,5.1,6.1 DSP. But bang-for-buck DEI is excellent equipment.

    I also recommend using a EQ of some sort to prevent your amps from clipping. This will also help you to tweak out your audio settings on the PC. Leave the PC gain, treb, and bass controls at a level tone and adjust with the EQ.

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    Well I was looking at using an EQ but I wanted to know if there is a problem with not using one ,. (other than clipping and not being able to tweak the settings).

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    There is absolutely no reason why you couldn't.

    A lot of people at home have their computers plugged into high end stereo equiptment (like I do), and it works just fine.

    I have also hooked a laptop directly into a both a 250W and a 300W amp in this wacky setup that I did once at a camping trip . No EQ is needed. In fact, you don't even need one, just use the EQ on the computer
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    I have my MSI bookpc directly connected from it's lineout to the amp. More specifically, it connects to a splitter, which connects to two more splitters (four amp inputs).
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