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Thread: lcd on roof

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    Question lcd on roof

    hey all you people with lcds on the roof i got a couple o questions. first how did you hide the wiring. and second would it be possible to borrow power from the dome light? what is the voltage to the domelight? thanks for the help.

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    Well, you can run the wiring above the head-liner in the car. To get the wires up there, run them behind the windshield trim inside the car.

    As for taking power from the dome light, thats not an option unless your LCD/VFD runs off 11-14 volts. Sorry bub.

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    Hello there. Yes, it is very easy and convenient to get the power from the dome light. I have my 5" parts express lcd mounted on the ceiling, receiving power from the dome light, and it works just fine. Only thing i recommend to others planning to do this with their parts express screen is to remove the speakers inside, as they will make a lot of noise from engine interference. Just be sure to wire your screen up to the terminals on the switch for the dome light that keep the switch on, otherwise your screen will only go on when the doors are open, heh. To solve your screen voltage problem, if your screen does not accept 12 volts, is to just get one of those radio shack universal voltage adapters, they accept 12 volts input, and output 3, 4.5, 7, 9, etc. Just set it to the correct voltage for your screen, stuff the unit above the headliner in your ceiling, and there you go. As for hiding the wiring, the wiring for the power is nicely hidden, since its going to the dome light, however, for the input wiring, i just have a video cable dangling from my rear view mirror. To hide this wiring, youll have to remove the plastic cover from side of the windshield, and stuff it in there somehow.

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