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Thread: Hows this for my carputer? :) (shuttle based system)

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    Question Hows this for my carputer? :) (shuttle based system)

    Hey people, first post on mp3 car, although ive been reading quite a lot

    Heres what im planning on buying:

    Im planning on using the on board sound / video for a while, and then upgrading later on.

    I got a 99 civic lx se sedan, planning on putting the carputer in the trunk in a custom box, with a few fans, maybe 4 or so... LCD will fit perfect in the front dash, going to try to make a custom mould housing for it, and have a usb port moulded in the front also... I have a clarion headunit with aux in, thats what ill use to power the speakers.

    I will be buying an 800 watt inverter, but its not pure sine, im wondering if I should spend the extra money on a pure sine inverter, ill try it out hopefully there wont be any weird noises...

    for the screen im looking into a 7" liliput from the mp3car store...

    Ill be using it for mp3's, dvds, mpeg4 etc, gps, TV(with a tuner) and wireless applications that I can remotely send data to the car..

    Im currently working on my own custom software as a frontend, but for now ill probably be using mediaengine....

    Critique my system please...


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    Hm, I don't like AMD at all, but that shuttle seems to be ok for what you're planing!


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    I've got a Shuttle XPC SS56L that I'm putting in my '05 Subaru Outback Sport's trunk. Using it for the same purposes basically. How did you plan on securing it? I plan on leaving my PC in its stock case just need to secure it somehow. Anyways...

    Just started this project, so I've got nothing installed and am still collecting components. So far, I've got:

    And I'm still researching the rest:

    • Saw and liked the mini PS2 keyboard I found on this site: VERY Mini Keyboard Solution --Cheap!
    • But that keyboard isn't fully functional so I was also looking at this:
      Has anyone ever tried hooking up two USB keyboards at the same time? Seems like there shouldn't be a problem installing the little one in the center console and keeping the larger one under the seat for when it's needed...
    • I'm also still researching the power system - I was planning on using an inverter as well, and think that a modified sine should be ok.
    • I have an ITPS, but have heard that it's somewhat difficult to use. My other idea for automated shutdown was installing a small UPS that interfaces with Windows and shuts it down when running off it's own battery. Has anyone tried this?
    • I don't know if my stock head unit has aux inputs so until I get myself an amp, I suppose I'm going to have to use an FM transmitter for my audio, but I'm not a real audiophile so hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Just my $0.02. Anyone have any comments on this setup as well? I'm always looking to share ideas on this type of install. Thanks!

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    I have an older Shuttle SN41G... something or other V2 and it has integrated gForce 4 MX and Creative EAX 5.1. Looks, sounds, and runs nicely. Get the power supply for the case if you plan of using it.Digital WW has it for like $30 or so cheaper than mp3car. I have a 200 watt $50 one installed onto a custom cover, but i still use the stock bottom plate so i didnt have to worry about grounds and such.
    Inverters suck, a lot.Efficency(sp?) is key with the higher wattage/draw.

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    Thanks for all the replies...

    The shuttle I am planning on getting doesnt have a Geforce, only an S3 but I wont be playing games anyways... If i buy the kit online, im still going to have to buy ram, and a hdd..... Is a duron 1.8ghz going to be fast enough to do anytihng id want in a carputer? i doubt id be rippping cds, but I MIGHT enjoy a good game of NFS in the car? hmmmm


    about how I plan on securing it: either put it in the front, or make a custom mdf case on the top side of the trunk... (where the rear speakers are) Ill probably end up securing it on the top of the trunk so it doesnt take up space.. I doubt it would fit in the front... but ill try!

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