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Thread: Motherboards and Boot Up Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by shred444
    wow thats great. i think i will try hibernation. i do want to make sure though that usb devices to not get power. i am running a usb touchscreen and gps off the usb ports and do not want them left on. anyone know for sure if usb gets turned off?
    It does on mine.

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    I just wanted to add somethig regarding boot time,
    Have you tried booting directly to your front end if that works for you?
    Check this out.

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    if you can, try looking for a newer intel mobo. mine here is an OEM but is based on the intel D845GL mobo and boot time is incredible. warm boot (restart) is almost instant thorugh the bios. the post messages just flash on the screen. and cold boot takes just a few seconds due to HD spinup. after that its pretty much windows boot time.

    btw, most DC-DC power supplies including the opus have settings to cut all power after a set time so even usb devices dont drain the battery.
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    the opus 150 doesn't only the opus 90
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    So can I just set the computer to hibernate @ shutdown?

    The m1-atx 90w PS will "shutdown" the computer automatically for me after a preset time, if I have the PC set to hibernate, instead of shutdown, it should "boot" (I use that term loosely) faster? Or do I have to manually hibernate the PC, and then the PS will just cut the power to it?

    I hope that all makes sense...

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