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Thread: Morex regulator help needed...

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    Morex regulator help needed...

    Hi all,

    I have a M10k in a Morex case, and I just received a new power supply board w/regulator for it.

    It all worked fine with the original board, but I decided to put the new board in as it had a heat sink on it (they looked identical besides).

    I've flipped the power switch wires back and forth but when I press the power button the light comes on momentarily and goes off when I release the button...anybody else had any trouble like this? Bad board?



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    To add a little more, the power switch wires are green and white. I've tried switching them back and forth, but can't seem to get it to switch on..

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    Anybody help me out on this one?

    I don't want to fry my new power supply, can anyone crack their case and tell me which color wire goes where?

    I'm guessing the white is the ground because all the front panel switches have white wires?

    Thanks in advance...

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