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Thread: QUestion! HP e-pc modifications....

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    QUestion! HP e-pc modifications....

    Hi all!
    I'm new here, but I build computers for a living and in the meantime I restore classic cars. I'm trying to get my hands on a carputer for my Early Bronco, or maybe for my daily driver....but either way, I have a few quick questions:

    1. What does the majority recommend....a buildup using a mini-itx case and aquiring all the parts I want, or purchasing a HP e-pc (alot cheaper) and adding a few things to it?

    2. (the main question) Has anyone ever taken a HP e-pc and gutted it to upgrade it with a mini-itx board? In other words...the HP e-pcs only come to a max of (I think) 1.7 ghz, and I want the ability to have future upgradeability, but will a mini-itx form factor board fit in a hp case?
    Will the PS work with the new board?
    need to be modified?

    My goal is to get at least 2.5 ghz on the board, a dvd drive, a regular size HDD (at least 150 gig), without making something that may overheat.

    I think the HP setup is great, and it uses a regular HDD, but takes a slim media drive (I'm trying to get everything regular are ALOT cheaper that way)

    Any suggestions?


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    The only fault i see is with the HDD. Make sure to mount it vertically. I am going to be using an E-Vectra in my install and my primary concern is the HDD. 3.5 inch drives are not to good at handling road vibration.

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    I've seen many HDDs take abuse quite well, and I'm not trying to be rude...but has anyone else had a problem with this?

    Thanks for all responses!

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    There is lots of threads about this. There is no definitive answer to the vertical vs. parallel debate.

    Searching on hard drive mounting yields them...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    no internal power supply on e-pc

    I don't think the e-PC has an internal power supply. talked to a dealer that blows out mass corporate lease-returns for a couple hundred bucks and he said they use an external ac adapter like a laptop. I'm assuming its a brick. I was hoping I could just swap out the psu for an opus and get an instant SFF car pc. if you have new or diff info pls let me know....
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