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Thread: Computer powers up but no VGa signal

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    Computer powers up but no VGa signal

    I just bought the VIA EPIA PD10000 Mini-ITX motherboard. We fired up the motherboard and the BIOS came up fine. We restarted it a few times to test the ACC switch. We had the IDEs hooked up to IDE2 and desided to switch them to IDE1. After we changed the IDE source the VGA output stopped. We hav't been able to get a VGA signal on any Monitor. Master's and Slaves are set properly and all the wires have been tested for output. We can't find any information on how to set the motherboard's BIOS. If anyone has had a similar problem please share your solution.

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    If you remove the drives completely what happens?

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    1.Remove usb devices,cards (if you have any ) no familiar if the PD has an expansion slot or not

    2.reset the system configuration data...... short pin 1-2 (default 2-3) with the power off and then return to the default position.

    3.Try another PSU

    try all this points one by one (if #1 doesn't do it go to #2 and then #3) and see what is the resoult.

    Good luck


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